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"It's deep within my roots, and the seeds were sown…"




A certified 500 hour Yoga teacher, through Akhanda Yoga of India, and Open Space Yoga of O'ahu, and a certified Yin Yoga teacher, through Sarah Powers of Insight Yoga Institute.
Sara is currently a student of the Ayurveda Healing Course, through Open Space Yoga on O'ahu, and the American Institute of Vedic Studies, with David Frawley and Mary Bastien, as well as pursuing a Master's Degree, at the University of Hawai'i, in Indian Philosophy and Buddhism, with an emphasis on the neuroscience behind meditation.  Her intentions are to work within the mental health system offering meditation to those who need healing the most, and to continue teaching at Open Space Yoga on O’ahu offering workshops and facilitating in our teacher trainings.
From very early on, Sara has been immersed in Yoga. Her very first teacher was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, in Poona India, when she was only 3 years old. Her mother had taken her, and her brother there to study with Bhagwan, who was their mother's teacher. Today Bhagwan is more commonly known as the internationally influential teacher Osho. Sara lived in Poona India for 3 months, in and out of the ashram. After India, they returned to their home in Japan, and then eventually came back to the United States. As a young adult, the desire to learn more about Yoga would resurface again, and she has been studying, practicing, and teaching ever since. In her own words- "I truly believe, that to this day,  I took a piece of India with me as a very young child, and I held it close it my heart. It's deep within my roots, and the seeds were sown…" and since then, she's been on a yoga mat for over 30 years.
Having studied and practiced many years of vigorous asana, particularly Jivamukti inspired, and becoming more physically and mentally stronger, she began to move more towards the quieter and more stillness based practices, of Yin Yoga and seated meditation. From there the practice of Self Study really began to develop, becoming more and more curious about the Ego, the study of The Mind/Psychology, and how to quiet the busy mind through daily meditation, and present moment awareness. The quieter side of the practice, she refer's to as a "Different Form of Strength." Cultivating balance, with steadiness and ease.