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"It's deep within my roots, and the seeds were sown…"




A certified 500 hour teacher through Akhanda Yoga India and Open Space Yoga Hawaii, and a certified 500 hour Ayurveda Consultant through the American Institute of Vedic Studies…whose love for yoga began as a small child while living in a Poona Indian Ashram. "It's deep within my roots, and the seeds were sown…" is what I like to say, and since then, I have been on a yoga mat ever since.

It wasn't until 2006 though, when something within me really shifted, and I've become much more committed to the practice of Yoga as a way of life not only in the studio, but more importantly, out of the studio and into my daily life and personal relationships, particularly as a mom. I quickly realized that if I wanted to know myself, I could learn it through my children. My two daughters by far have been my greatest teachers.

Within my own practice, I am deeply inspired by meditation and stillness, which is teaching me to quiet the mind through the use of mindfulness and breath, as well as asana to bridge mind and body. I currently teach yin yoga and yoga nidra with an emphasis on mindfulness and psychology. A deep turning inward and a willingness to look within. Which for a lot of us can be really hard. But this, I believe, is where we grow the most. The quiet practices teach us how to slow down our busy lives and busy minds and go deep within the physical, mental, and emotional bodies releasing chronic and acute stress and tension, while quieting the mind through mental concentration and breathing, resulting in physical, mental, and emotional strength while healing any imbalances we may be experiencing. I like to call the quiet practices a "Different kind of Strength”.

I am also currently working on my MA through the University of Hawaii Manoa to further study Indian Philosophy as well as researching the neuroscience behind meditation. My intentions are to create a non-profit that offers asana and meditation to those who need healing the most, while continuing to teach at Open Space Yoga on O’ahu offering workshops and facilitating our teacher trainings. I also teach with Wanderlust O’ahu, where I learned that I really love teaching within the capacity of hundreds of people…

It’s all about connection.